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The banking and accounting industry is facing various significant challenges in terms of rising high competition, data protection, meeting clients’ needs, operational imperatives, and increasing security threats. But you can stay competitive in the financial industry by outsourcing those monotonous tasks to IT experts. IT Advises provides full-service IT strategy planning that helps you exert control over the daily operations of your business – with proven technology to speed up administrative work.

Utilize our Banking Services


Digitized Bank Accounts

Digitized Bank Accounts

Automating bank accounts can assist monetary establishments with wiping out the mistake and costly manual assignments, also shorten overall processes and ensure high-quality data.


Loan Processing

The entire process is done automatically by initially capturing loan applications and classification of documents to the export of data to back-end processes.


Card Application Processing

Our digital solutions provide insight into all processes from data entry to document classification, from the extraction of customer information to reduce cost and time consumption.


Fraud Prevention

Our managed IT services for financial service firms will take care of the nitty-gritty details to better protect your data – as well as keep you safe from fines and audits.


Document Review & Analysis

Work out important information from unstructured data and streamline the tedious review process of complex documents like claims and agreements.


Facilitate Information Exchange

Simplify B2B complexities to enable the seamless, secure information flow in securities, funds, and cash processing and manage day-to-day data exchange.

Benefits of Choosing IT Advises


Reduce Operational Risks

It makes it easier for businesses to lower the risk from third-party vulnerabilities, data loss, and mismanaged time so as to focus on the big picture.

Automates Daily Operations

Automate manual processes to reduce costs and increase data quality during account opening, credit card issue, mortgage, and loan processing.

Cyber Security

Our robust cyber security solution protects the money and data entrusted to financial institutions via anti-virus, recurring vulnerabilities scan, cyber training, etc.

Data Analytics

IT Advises allows companies to easily compile, view, and manipulate data in intuitive dashboards to help promote solid decision-making.


IT Advises Managed services for banking saves the expense of handling and storing paper documents manually with its automating document capturing and categorizing process.